How I started VLSI Chaps?

Just with a click!!

No, It is not a business, but just a passionate community.
One day, while discussing my passion for things with my friend, I mentioned, “just like you, I also like to help people.” She said, “I have not seen you going beyond your comfort zone to help people around.”

She was partially correct. I asked one of my friends, “How to help people with my knowledge?”

He is a die-hard marketing guy. He asked the intentions, I said, “Just helping people with my knowledge of VLSI field”.

He said, “Create some community on social media platform”.

I started with Telegram.

Gradually 10 people joined. In a few months, 100 people joined, 1000 joined in a few more months.

I kept on helping people, with their queries, job postings, material requirements, book suggestions, interview question suggestions, interview preparation suggestions, tool suggestions, exam preparations, quizzes, etc.
I gradually got joined by kind and alike people. They also started helping each other as a family. Even if I am busy for some days, people keep helping each other.

Today the community VLSIChaps on telegram has reached 5000 VLSI students, VLSI professionals, VLSI enthusiasts. I get joy when people be glad by getting help, I am so glad seeing unknown people helping each other even without knowing each other.

I am so glad to see the community prospering without even the involvement of a single penny. Yes, this is my business model, my VLSIChaps family’s business model, of ‘selling’ help, guidance, experience, tips for blessings, happiness, and positivity.

The image below shows the example of why I called it a family.

Even without knowing one of the members personally, the whole family prayed for his father hospitalized for 20 days. And by God’s grace, his father got healthy and alright.

I also see people thanking each other as shown below,

Which gives me immense pleasure.

100s of such stories are there.

If you are a VLSI enthusiast or electrical/ electronics/ computer science engineering student, fresher or professional, join the community VLSIChaps.

Today the community works and helps in almost all corners of VLSI.

To join, search VLSIChaps on telegram.

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